RT-130010 Thermal Warning System

High accuracy and ultra long distance temperature measurement

RT-130010 is a high accuracy, top-range fever system offering suitable for public places with large, orderly flows of people such as airports, transportation hubs, shopping malls, government buildings or enterprises. It uses a deep learning algorithm based on neural network for higher accuracy of multi-point temperature detection. 100% of Parts and Production sourced in South Korea.


Key Features

  • Multi-Person Scanning

    16 People Walking/40 Standing

  • High Degree of Accuracy

    <±0.2°C/.4°F with Built-in Black Body

  • Alerts

    Alerts Visual & Audio Alerts

The RT-130010 is one of the only thermal cameras on the market designed originally for measuring human body temperature in medical environments. Meets the ISO IEC 80601-2-59 requirements and FDA Guidelines for the basic safety and essential performance of screening thermograms for human febrile temperature screening.

  • Distance 2-16m/6-52ft

  • Dual Camera Infrared/Natural

  • Field of View 49°x36°

  • Pixel Pitch 17μm / 8-14μm

  • <50mK Sensitivity

  • Frame Rate 9hz

  • Meets FDA Guidelines

  • CE Certification

  • FCC Certification

  • Celsius

  • Fahrenheit

  • USB Power & Data


Monitoring Software

When a high temperature anomaly is detected, via it’s integrated black body calibration, an adjustable alarm will sound and a photo will be taken.

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