RT-080008-B Temperature Kiosk

8” AI Face Recognition & Thermal Imaging Device

Perfect for office environments, transit terminals turnstiles, gyms, doctors offices and elevator banks turnstyles and door entries, the RT-080008-B is an 8 inch tablet with facial & fever detection capabilities.



Key Features

  • Automatic Temperature Measurement

    Non-contact temperature measurement

  • Face Recognition

    30,000 database capacity

  • User Identification

    Proof of Identity, unknown visitor, and blacklist management

The RT-080008-B an employee and guest check-in kiosk which uses a combination of artificial intelligence and thermal imaging to detect irregular temperatures. Using facial contrast recognition and thermal imaging the kiosk creates a contactless temperature measurement product.

Technical Capabilities
  • Accuracy: +/- .3º c

  • Alerts: Audio & Visual

  • Distance: 30 to .70 cm / 12 to 28 in

  • Resolution: 800x1280

  • Response Time: <1s

  • Volume: 1:1

Access Control
  • Blacklist Management

  • Doors

  • IR Card Reader

  • People Management

  • Turnstiles/Security Gates

  • Visitor Management

Peripheral Ports
  • DC 12V/2A

  • Micro USB

  • RJ45/Ethernet

  • RS45 Relay

  • U-Boot

  • Weigand

Kiosk Functionality
  • Body Temperature Detection

  • Employee Check-in

  • Face Mask Detection

  • Face Recognition

  • Report Generation

  • Touch Based Solution


English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Thai, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Estonian, Danish, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional

  • Meets FDA Guidelines

  • Android

  • Data Syncing

  • Rockchip RK3399

  • Bluetooth

  • CE Certification

  • FCC Certification

  • RoHS Certification

  • BIS Certification

  • Wifi

  • Celsius

  • Fahrenheit


Management Software

The RT-080008-B comes with a multi-device management platform. For small employeres we can host up to 200 people via a LAN installation. For larger businesses we offer this solution via SaaS.

System Dashboard

Device Management

People Management

Role & Permissions Management

Real time Temperature Monitoring

Shift Management

Thermal Cameras

High Capacity & Long Range Crowd Scanning

Temperature Kiosks

Individual with Facial Recognition and Reporting